6 augmented reality ideas to enhance your beer

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Augmented reality is changing the way we experience the world around us. And with new technology comes new and innovative ways to use it. Here are 6 ideas for how augmented reality could be used to enhance our beer drinking experiences.

1) Have a tour guide show you around the brewery

The best way to learn about different beers is by going straight to their source! With augmented reality, you can have a virtual tour guide take you on a tour of the brewery. This way, you can learn about the brewing process, see how different beers are made and taste some of the best brews in the world.

2) Showcase your fans on the label

Augmented reality can also be used to bring your fans to life. With Swigr, you can create an interactive social wall that lets your fans post photos of themselves using your beer label as their backdrop. This way, you can see all the fun and creative ways people are using your beer and share it with the world.

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3) Watch beer reviews in augmented reality

If you’re looking for some expert opinions on different beers, why not watch beer reviews in augmented reality? This way, you can see what the beer looks like, learn about its history and find out what others thought of it right from the label.

4) Gamify the label experience

Augmented reality can also be used to make the label experience more fun and interactive. Swigr offers games like beersketball and beer invaders, so you can turn your beer can into a virtual game. This way, you can play a game with your friends no matter where you are.

5) Scan beer cans to get information about the brews

With augmented reality, you no longer have to guess what’s in a beer can. Using augmented reality, you can scan the label get information about the brew. This could include details such as the alcohol content, ingredients and even customer ratings.

6) Exclusive promotions

Augmented reality can also be used for promotions. Swigr, for example, offers exclusive augmented reality promotions for its users. This could include things like discounts on beer or access to special events. With augmented reality, you can get the most out of your beer drinking experiences.

As you can see, augmented reality has many different applications when it comes to beer. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to experience the label or want to learn more about the brewing process, augmented reality has something to offer. And with new technology always on the horizon, there’s no telling what else is in store for augmented reality and beer lovers alike. So raise your glass and toast to the future of this delicious combination!

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