Every product is a purchase opportunity

Build your business on autopilot.  While your team are concentrating on growing your audience, Swigr’s clever system quietly and effortlessly captures sales, to boost your bottom line and deliver a positive return-on-investment from day one.

A compelling proposition with many ways to add value

Strong Consumer Appeal

  • Wow factor
  • Shareworthy, social cred
  • Capturing the novelty factor

New Sales Stream

  • Built in Buy-Now Button
  • D2C or send to third party
  • Catch impulse purchases

Outstanding ROI

  • Positive cashflow outlook
  • Low monthly cost
  • Minimal Resource Use


Swigr is a welcome addition for most sales teams

Swigr has the tools to deliver additional revenue for your brand, completely on autopilot.  The revenue may be moderate in the first year – expect it to will with time, and as prominence of your virtual channel increases. Building awareness through other channels will speed things up.

D2C Product Sales

  • Dedicated Buy-Now Button
  • Captures Purchase Intent,
  • Redirects to D2C Supplier (your nominated URL)
  • Can be switched on/off

Other Sales Revenue

  • Display Item in a Scene
  • Add Call-to-Action Button
  • Link to transaction site
  • Great for Merchandise Sales

Simpler than it looks

Swigr isn’t an ecommerce store, it’s a facility to capture sales, where each press of the Buy Now button, immediately redirects to your nominated website.

You can link the Buy Now Button to any URL, to achieve the outcome that best suits your situation

  • National D2C Suppliers
  • Local Service Providers
  • Ecommerce store for in-house
  • A web page, for orders by request

Swigr™ Sales Team Use Cases

Generate pre-product sales

Highlight an upcoming new product, provide a link to pre-purchase

Merchandise in the moment

Dedicate a scene to merchandise, to capture the excitement of the moment

Sell direct to customers

Grow your direct-to-consumer sales, by linking your online store

Enhance a limited-release run

Enhance your next limited release, augmenting the product to drive sales

Land more impulse purchases

Capture purchase intent, by directing to 3rd party distributors

Shout out to local stockists

Tell your customers where they can find your products, as a handy gesture

Take bookings for a big event

Add video of the next big event, link to the ticket booking page

Add great product information

Say more about your products, where and how they’re made, and why

Recommend other products

Inform and educate with some subtle hints to other products in your range


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