Consumer Experience

Scan a label, discover an experience

Our label-scanning App makes it easy for alcohol lovers to discover the stories behind their favourite ales.

There’s no hunting for fiddly QR codes or serial numbers, its just point the phone at the label and GO!

Augmented Reality

A stunning display, all eyes are on you

Swigr’s virtual display delivers the wow factor of augmented reality, with breathtaking visuals that command attention.

And with all eyes on you, present your brand from the perfect stage, and create a memorable moment, that will be retold many, many times over

Authentic Content

The big story is the backstory

The promise of a glimpse into the operation behind the label is a powerful drawcard for consumers.  An authentic look into the daily lives of the people, the place, and the processes that led to the beverage they’re enjoying.

Raw and real, without the marketing budget or a production team, giving consumers a new appreciation.

  • authentic content
  • unique perspective
  • hyper-relevant
  • story telling
Social Media

A social experience they’ll love. And like. And share.

A virtual experience with the familiar feel of a social channel - bite sized chunks of content, video, images, and text. Hit the like button, take screenshots, and share the experience on their own social media channels.
Virtual Interaction

If a button isn’t real, can you still press it?

Fascinating concepts that challenge users and create points of interest.

First-of-its-type interactions, in virtual space, that add to the experience, supporting the overall concept, and boosting the concept from must-see to must-try.

  • virtual navigation
  • 3D content
  • virtual social interaction
  • a handy hologram assistant
Handy Functionality

Try, or buy, if it catches your eye

Swigr is a dynamic display too, so stay on the look out for special offers, promotions, and other events from your favourite brands.

And, something catches the eye, you can act immediately, with a simple click of a virtual button. There’s a whole range of use cases. Here’s a few of our favourites.

New Products

Special Offers


Brewery Tours

One App, All Alcohol

A Lifetime to Explore

So many brands to try, and so many stories to discover.

Swigr is the App for every alcoholic beverage cause there’s an authentic story behind every brand, and it’s ready to be told by the right people, from the right place – their beverage.

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