AR Whiskey – How AR is Attracting Whiskey Lovers

By June 14, 2022Blog

Stunning demo of augmented reality, and how it’s being used to engage consumers directly from bottles of Wiskey. Features Swigr™ app, the leading AR platform for the beverage industry, enabling any beverage manufacturer to bring their products to life.

Whiskey and Augmented Reality – A Powerful Hook


OK I’m going to show you augmented reality with spirits. Come over here – this is bringing the the label to life.

There are a tremendous number of things you can do with this:

  • you can animate the label
  • tell the story behind the label
  • connect with a new generation of whiskey lovers

For spirits manufacturers it’s a great way to connect with a new generation. There’s a whole new generation out there right now who are ready for the whiskey industry or finding their way into whiskey and there’s a lot of different ways you can show them how to enjoy it.

Augmented reality is a powerful tool brands to attract new consumers. Stunning visuals and a simple mechanism to purchase create a compelling value proposition for spirits manufacturers

Dave Chaffey, Swigr

AR whiskey – purchasing through the label

It’s got a lot of promise, and we’re getting a lot of feedback from customers that this is a great way to extend the whisky experience from the label.

And the best bit, particularly for this industry, is when people get excited by the AR experience they can literally press one of the blue buttons here and can purchase the product straight from the product label. That’s a really exciting opportunity if you’re a distiller because there’s a very low cost for this high quality technology, and it can pay for itself with one sale per month.


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