Swigr transforms regular product packaging into powerful connected experiences


its hard to stay
relevant in a
digital age

It’s harder for brands to stay relevant. Customers have fully bought into digital,  always on, and always active. And most brands simply aren’t keeping up. You’ve got to do better –  engaging customers and constantly making new connections. Your brand depends on it.

But how do you make that happen? What’s the solution when the old ways don’t work, and you don’t have the tools, or the marketing firepower to get cut through.It’s simply, you need a better way to connect.

swigr provides a
powerful new way
to connect

A first-of-its-kind augmented reality platform to reach consumers from labels. Showcase your brand, add content, even capture sales from cans and bottles

A Virtual Connection

Upload a label for our system to learn and add to our virtual network. That’s all it takes – you’ve connected that label, as well as every identical label on the planet.

An Engaging Experience

Smartphone users scan to unlock your virtual experience, which comes to life with stunning augmented reality, consumers can interact, navigate, and more

A Commercial Opportunity

Harness the inbuilt marketing and sales tools, capture new business from potentially thousands of labels, giving tangible dollars-in-the-bank-value

see swigr
in action

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a compelling
experience for

The concept is designed so that you can deliver a unique customer experience, showcasing your brand from the perfect stage – your product. And it’s a social experience, to share with friends. Compelling features that make it shareworthy

  • Stunning augmented reality display
  • Authentic content, from you, the team behind the beverage
  • Social media connection for sharing
  • First-of-its-kind virtual interaction
  • Fascinating 3D elements
  • Holographic helper
  • Handy functionality, to click, connect, and catch any special offers

an unmatchable
for brands

swigr makes the connection, and provides a set of powerful tools, to drive a positive ROI from day one. Add your brand story easily, and make changes whenever you want.

  • Unique customer experiences
  • Capture sales, right from the label
  • Marketing and promotions opportunities
  • Signups for loyalty programs
  • Leverage social channels, and influencers
  • Go viral from our social wall
  • Gain unique customer insights

“It took 12 months to create the technology. Then 12 more, to eliminate the barriers to entry, for a business-friendly solution

Swigr is simple, affordable, instantly available, and as easy to manage as posting to Facebook”

Dave ChaffeyFounding Partner

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