Scan labels, discover new experiences

The Swigr Smartphone App makes it easy for consumers to activate your virtual experience, by simply scanning your product label.

Consumers can also discover the experiences of other brands on the network, with the free app, giving a compelling reason to keep coming back.

  • Simply scan the label
  • No need for QR codes
  • One app for all brands

Connect products, simply

Connecting products is easy. You simply upload a label – we’ll do the rest.

At our end, a digital twin of your product is created and added to Swigr’s virtual network. Each time your product is scanned, the App checks for a match, and then activates the experience.

“Once your product is added to the network, Swigr will activate an experience from every identical product“

  • new products about to be released
  • existing products in retail outlet
  • purchased products already being consumed

Captivating visuals that command attention

Swigr’s virtual experience really delivers the wow factor of augmented reality, transforming your products into exciting, engaging experiences that create a powerful first impression, and a shareworthy opportunity.

  • On-product experience
  • Interactive display
  • Multiple scenes
  • Linked to other channels

Immersive experiences, created easily

Swigr’s web platform simplifies new technology, so new virtual experiences can be added to your products, as easily as posting to Facebook.

You add scenes by selecting virtual templates, add regular content, and then hit go. The rest is done for you, quickly virtually active from your products

A system built for simplicity no special skills needed, no technical knowledge, no software to install.


Include up to 5 scenes
Created with regular content
Can be updated easily

A channel to deliver value.

Deliver tangible value that adds to your brand’s bottom line, from the series of inbuilt features designed to increased engagement with your brand and help you to maximise the outcomes from every product.

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Active Calls-to-Action
Links to Brand Channels
Social Media Shareability
Up to 5 interactive Scenes
Instant Integration with Inventory

Track your results. Improve them in no time

Be where all the action is, or at least see where it is with the intuitive reporting system that offers a cracking overview, to inspire your next round best-on-ground performance.


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