Reach a new generation, on their terms

Swigr enables brands to connect with a new generation of digital savvy consumers, eager to engage – with a phone in one hand and your product in the other.

Brand Building Opportunities

Stand up for special causes

Educate your customers about what your brand stands for, and what you care about

Highlight celebrity connection

Maximise the power of any celebrity associations, with video on the product

Inspire with storytelling

Create a real connection, with the authentic backstory of the drink to hand

Build brand awareness

Propel new brands into the spotlight with unique product-based campaigns

Brand activation to re-engage

Launch an interactive campaign that gets people out of their seats to try

Drive brand engagement

Offer a teasing glimpse of your most engaging content from every product

Showcase with animation

Delight and excite, animating your product label to create a strong first impression

Capture media attention

Harness the novelty factor, putting every new campaign in front of the press

Understand customer behaviour

Access unique data to better understand when and where your customers engage


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