The New Way Drink Brands Connect

Swigr uses augmented reality to create interactive experiences from ordinary packaging

“A technology breakthrough, with game-changing prospects”

“Mind-boggling… the possibilities for brands are staggering”

Groundbreaking Technology

A Powerful New Way to Grow your Business from Every Label

A first-of-its-kind augmented reality platform to reach consumers from labels. Showcase your brand, add content, even capture sales from cans and bottles

A Virtual Connection

Upload a label for our system to learn and add to our virtual network. That’s all it takes – you’ve connected that label, as well as every identical label on the planet.

An Engaging Experience

Smartphone users scan to unlock your virtual experience, which comes to life with stunning augmented reality, consumers can interact, navigate, and more

A Commercial Opportunity

Harness the inbuilt marketing and sales tools, capture new business from potentially thousands of labels, giving tangible dollars-in-the-bank-value

A Compelling Experience for Consumers

The concept is designed so that you can deliver a unique customer experience, showcasing your brand from the perfect stage – your product. And it’s a social experience, to share with friends. Compelling features that make it shareworthy

  • Stunning augmented reality display
  • Authentic content, from you, the team behind the beverage
  • Social media connection for sharing
  • First-of-its-kind virtual interaction
  • Fascinating 3D elements
  • Holographic helper
  • Handy functionality, to click, connect, and catch any special offers

An Unmatchable Opportunity for Brands

swigr makes the connection, and provides a set of powerful tools, to drive a positive ROI from day one. Add your brand story easily, and make changes whenever you want.

  • Unique customer experiences
  • Capture sales, right from the label
  • Marketing and promotions opportunities
  • Signups for loyalty programs
  • Leverage social channels, and influencers
  • Go viral from our social wall
  • Gain unique customer insights

Attract A New Audience

A visual concept perfectly set for social sharing, to draw attention to your brand, and getting your product into more hands

Win Over New Customers

Connect meaningfully from the perfect stage: one-to-one, with an interested consumer, currently holding your beverage

Capture New Revenue Streams

Amp up DTC, and capture impulse purchases by simplifying. For consumers, the shortest path to purchase is through your label

Create New Opportunities

Maximise the inbuilt marketing, with promotions and special offers, for consumers to respond to in real time

We could see the value straight away. It's going to hit the mark with the younger audience, for sure. There's just nothing like it

...marketers will be on this in a flash...

Phillip LewisMarketing Consultant, United States
A Direct Line to Consumers

Powerful Connection

When you connect your labels, you’re putting your resources to work for you, and harnessing the best of technology.

You’re also creating a pathway to your brand – utilising a tool that commands attention, and that’s always on.

That’s good business.

Every minute

Your labels are always on, telling your story 24/7


Connect from bottles and cans, anywhere on the planet

Every Label

Adding just one label activates every identical label


Your entire inventory connected in moments, not months

Easy to Operate

Simple to Start

Getting started is as easy as creating an account, and uploading a label, all done online

  • No complexity
  • Nothing to install
  • No tech teams required

Ready to Go

A ready system, that works with your existing bottle labels and cans, so there’s no added time or unexpected costs

  • No QR codes required
  • No special label printing
  • No delaying – it works with existing labels

Effortless to Manage

Our intuitive web platform makes it easy to manage everything online

  • No software
  • No special skills
  • No technical team at the ready

Easy to Update

Add regular content through a familiar CMS and the rest is done for you

  • No specialized training needed
  • No technical skills
  • No additional resources required

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Swigr is a ground-breaking concept for the alcohol industry.

If you’re interested in getting started, or just want to learn how you can add a virtual experience from your cans and bottles, add your details, and we’ll send you information.

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Selection of Brands Onboard

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Yards Brewing Company

New Zealand
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North Carolina
Four Saints Brewing Co.

FKN Beer

New Jersey
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