Intelligent Beverage Packaging Answers Questions

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Voice Technology Behind Remarkable Prototype


Clever technology, enabling customers to talk to the products they’re about to purchase, will change shopping forever, according to Digital Marketing Expert, Dave Chaffey. Frustrated shoppers with product-related questions will no longer have to wait idly for a shop assistant’s help – the product will tell them the answer instantly, and all they have to do is ask.


BEERSCANS™ is a groundbreaking concept, using augmented reality, to create a virtual experience from every beer. The company was founded by Matt Hallberg, Luke Chaffey, and Dave Chaffey – three recognized specialists in their respective fields of augmented reality, software development, and digital marketing strategy.


Media liaison: Dave Chaffey, Founding Partner.  Media enquiries are welcome and can be made via BEERSCANS™ media center

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